Food regions join forces: Food NL

Joining forces in knowledge, innovation and food production

The food regions Greenport Region Venlo, Region Foodvalley and AgriFood Capital Noordoost-Brabant represent the entire food production chain. The regions are committed to ground-breaking innovations and circular food production. This is done on the basis of collaboration with important sectors such as high-tech and data science.

One powerful message

So far, the three food regions have been lobbying and profiling themselves separately in Brussels, while proclaiming the same message in different words. The regions in Europe can make more impact by working together. That is why last year during a meeting in the European Parliament, where the regions were guests of MEP Jan Huijtema, it was administratively agreed to act jointly.

Lobbying takes place on issues such as the Common Agricultural Policy, regional policy and EU food quality and safety regulations. The food regions are also making efforts to attract as much investment as possible. This concerns investments that are particularly necessary to enable circular agriculture, to prevent outbreaks of diseases in animals as much as possible and to reduce the use of antibiotics in animals.

During the kick-off of the collaboration on 10 October, official experts from the European Commission and MEPs will also give their views on this initiative from the Netherlands. They indicate how they see the future for food regions within the new European program period 2020-2027.