House of Representatives calls for support for Foodvalley Region as regional testing ground for food transition

On 1 December, a motion was adopted by a majority vote by the Dutch House of Representatives calling on the cabinet to actively support regional food strategies. The motion was filed by the CDA and the ChristenUnie. Regions such as Amersfoort, the Flevopolder and Foodvalley present enormous opportunities for achieving shorter food chains. Fewer links between farmer and consumer lead to more appreciation of food and a better price for food producers.

The motion was tabled during the discussion of the budget of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. During this debate, the House spoke to Minister Schouten about her policy. By prioritising agricultural transition, Foodvalley Region endorses Minister Schouten's vision of circular agriculture, which includes the shortening of the food chain.

One way to achieve this, is by setting up a regional point-of-sale infrastructure enabling consumers to buy their products almost directly from the farmer. A good example in Foodvalley Region is Appeltje Eitje, an unstaffed shop offering daily fresh farm produce on a main shopping street. Read more here.

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