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Hub for Insect Knowledge provides fast growth insect sector

Over the past year and a half, we have worked together with companies and educational institutions on the implementation of the HIK. Organizations that have been active in the insect sector for years and are therefore considered to be pioneers, are also part of the initiative. The HIK program plan forms the basis of this collaboration and has been drawn up jointly with the partners.

HIK program plan

The HIK program plan is facilitated by Regio Foodvalley. The plan transcends regional boundaries and is sectoral. The HIK is the meeting point in the Netherlands for knowledge and questions and the hub for start-ups, small and medium-sized (agricultural) enterprises and large industrial companies that are active in the insect chain. This in collaboration and coordination with national and international (branch) organizations and affiliated parties.

In the HIK program plan, the different program lines on which the partners will work in the coming years are described, such as professionalising the insect chain, legislation and regulations and research, education and knowledge development. By working on these program lines, the maximum (practical) knowledge is gathered and disseminated for further development of the sector.

Engaged partners

The partners involved in the program plan are: VENIK, Wadudu, New Generation Nutrition, InsectoCycle, Coöperatie De Valk Wekerom, Feed Design Lab, Aeres Groep, Schothorst Feed Research, Poultry Expertise Centre, Aeres MBO Barneveld, HAS Hogeschool, WUR – Life Stock Research, LTO Gelderse Vallei, Foodvalley NL, Regio Foodvalley, Christelijke Hogeschool Ede – Lectoraat Dienstbaar Organiseren, province of Utrecht en province of Gelderland.