Last signature marks start of Hub for Insect Knowledge

The insect sector is a still young sector that is developing slowly. The sector is currently fragmented and scattered. There is a need to create more cohesion between the various parties. The HIK can play a significant role in this, but also contribute to a sustainable protein and agricultural transition. Hans van der Pas is administratively responsible for Protein Transition in Regio Foodvalley: “We have conducted extensive research into the feasibility of setting up a knowledge hub for insects. There is definitely need for it. Together with the other parties involved, we will get to work. We are now going to take further steps to bundle activities and connect parties”.

Involved parties

The parties that have signed the letter of intent are: Aeres, Coöperatie De Valk Wekerom, Insectcentre, Insectlab / HAS Hogeschool, LTO Gelderse Vallei, New Generation Nutrition, Poultry Expertise Center, Wadudu, Wageningen University & Research Center and Regio Foodvalley. The other parties involved are: Feed Design Lab, ForFarmers, Jansen Poultry Equipment, VENIK.


HIK is where all knowledge and questions from and for parties active in the insect sector for feed, food and non-food come together. The goal of HIK is to accelerate the growth of the sector by connecting parties and by developing and bundling existing and new knowledge more efficiently.

Protein transition

Regio Foodvalley wants to create an environment in which healthy and sustainable food contributes to a healthy life for its residents. The growth in global demand for meat is leading to an increase in the demand for raw materials for animal feed. Its production and transport (such as soy) have a major negative impact on the climate. The global food system must change. This can be done by making the existing system considerably more sustainable and by implementing major system changes. Protein transition is one of them. This means that other protein sources will have to be used for animal feed and our own food.