New subsidy scheme for shared pilot-facilities

Over the next five years, as part of the Regional Deal Foodvalley, €7 million will be available for investment in shared pilot-facilities. Foodvalley NL is taking care of the coordination, assessing subsidy applications, providing technical advice and bringing parties together.

The subsidy scheme is intended for companies and research institutions that want to build a knowledge and innovation cluster together with other parties in the fields of protein transition, circular agrifood, food and health, and smart and digital technology. Bringing various partners together makes it possible to add facilities to the ecosystem that it does not yet have.

Shared facilities

"The new scheme should contribute to faster upscaling of innovations, reducing time-to-market of new products, services and technologies. It is, without doubt, a valuable addition to current resources, such as Wageningen University & Research's Shared Research Facilities," says Petra Roubos, Manager Foodvalley Shared Facilities at Foodvalley NL.


A grant application must meet the following criteria:

  • the application must concern investments in pilot-plant facilities, test kitchens and/or field labs;
  • the investments are aimed at enabling innovations and rapid translation to the market;
  • the facilities will not only be accessible to the applicants, but also to other parties.

Assessment and advice

Foodvalley NL is leading the implementation of the subsidy scheme and assessing the applications received. "We are investigating which facilities are already in place and what we still need in order to successfully complete innovation programs," explains Roubos. Foodvalley NL also provides technical advice when submitting the application and brings parties together where necessary.

Regional Deal Foodvalley & Foodvalley 2030

The subsidy scheme is part of the Regional Deal Foodvalley and is an essential element of the Foodvalley NL ecosystem development strategy. In the Regional Deal Foodvalley and the Foodvalley 2030 strategy, we are working together to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and healthy food system.

More information

Questions about the subsidy scheme? Want to apply for subsidy? Contact Petra Roubos,