Regio Foodvalley: ready for a swift start with nitrogen measures

Regio Foodvalley wants to get started quickly with measures for nature restoration and nitrogen reduction. The region is pleased with the first measures announced by the province of Gelderland and sees opportunities to quickly launch the area-specific approach in the region. Regio Foodvalley feels that it is now time to get off the mark and get to work in the area. The region is ready and looks forward to tackling the nitrogen problem together with the provinces of Gelderland and Utrecht.

Foodvalley region

Regio Foodvalley is a knowledge-intensive top region in the field of agriculture and food. The area has a strong agricultural network, in which the agricultural parties and governments work closely together. The strategic tasks for our region are also tackled together by all parties involved. Using these strong networks, the region is able to work with the relevant parties in the areas to restore nature and reduce nitrogen emissions.


Aart de Kruijf (alderman of the municipality of Barneveld and administratively responsible for spatial development in Regio Foodvalley) is pleased with the first measures taken by the province of Gelderland. "It is an ambitious package. It is great that the province of Gelderland is investing money in making construction more sustainable, having informal discussions with farmers and exploring new measurement methods. Fortunately, the province has opted for an area-specific approach. The province of Utrecht has also presented its draft guidelines for the area-specific approach and released funds for this. Both provinces demonstrate the importance of an area-based approach. We are convinced that with such an approach we will have the most impact in the areas."

Area-specific work

The area-based approach specifically means that we examine the right measures for each logical area, together with involved parties in that area. For each area we find the measures that offer the best results to reduce nitrogen emissions, restore nature and enable economic development. Regio Foodvalley is ready. In a regional context, we have done the necessary preliminary work and selected areas for an area-based approach. Jan Pieter van der Schans (alderman of the municipality of Ede, responsible for agricultural affairs): "We are convinced that the nitrogen crisis in our region offers the opportunity to improve the landscape in the areas concerned. We also see many openings for creating a future-proof agricultural sector in the region.''

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