Regio Foodvalley wonen

Research confirms: Foodvalley Region among top economic regions of the Netherlands

This is revealed by research conducted by the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel into the strengths of the eastern Netherlands. The study focused on the long-term robustness of the economy and also considered the impact of the corona crisis. The provinces published the first edition of the multidisciplinary study Kracht van Oost (Eastern Strength) in 2016, which now has a follow-up. It shows that Foodvalley Region is a top economic region.

The report indicates that the region stands out in terms of population growth. While the number of new residents in other regions stagnates, more people are moving to Foodvalley Region than leaving. The green municipalities in East-Netherlands, including the Foodvalley Region, are increasingly popular with senior knowledge workers moving from the Randstad.

Employment is growing strongly in the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel. In terms of job security, the labour market in the Foodvalley ranks among the best in the Netherlands. The proportion of starters is also high here.

But it is not only in terms of economic production that Foodvalley Region is doing well. Foodvalley also scores considerably higher than the national average on aspects that people consider valuable for their well-being and happiness, dubbed 'general prosperity’ in the study. Residents value the living environment and are generally satisfied with their income development.

Foodvalley Region Chair René Verhulst is pleased with the results of the research: “This confirms that we are on the right track. For a number of years, we have been working on establishing ourselves as a region that measures up against the economic top of the Netherlands. We can avail of a lot of knowledge, opportunities and quality, which we are now leveraging to the fullest. I am convinced that this position will bring our region even more prosperity in the future, for entrepreneurs, businesses and, above all, for our citizens!”