Regio Foodvalley EU Office

Representation in Brussels

Regio Foodvalley is actively involved in European cooperation through its EU Office in Brussels. Our office is housed in the House of the Dutch Provinces (HNP) and focusses on agri-food related topics. For all other relevant EU topics, we work together with colleague experts in the HNP.


The House of the Dutch Provinces in the Trierstraat is a network of public affairs professionals on a broad spectrum of topics. Regio Foodvalley is partner in the HNP and with our Food NL initiative we are represented by Wyno Zwanenburg and Jos Berkvens. Do you see partnering opportunities with Regio Foodvalley? Do not hesitate to contact us via

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ERRIN is a well-established Brussels-based platform of more than 125 regional stakeholder organisations from 22 European countries, most of whom are represented by its Brussels offices. ERRIN focus solely on research and innovation policy and funding programmes, as well as project development. Regio Foodvalley is actively involved in the Bioeconomy working group.

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Food NL

Regio Foodvalley is a founding partner of Food NL, together with Greenport Regio Venlo and AgriFood Capital Noordoost-Brabant. These three leading food regions in The Netherlands play an active role in representing regional interests in EU policy making. We jointly contribute to solutions on global topics like the protein transition, the future of farming, sustainable food production and innovations on food and health. Contact person for Food NL is Wyno Zwanenburg.

European Partner Regions

Regio Foodvalley has two partnerships with leading European food regions: Business Region Aarhus (DK) and Region Östergötland (SE). With both regions we aim to accelerate transitions in European and global food systems, and we cooperate in joint projects on food and health, protein transition and sustainable food production. Also, the three regions and the knowledge institutes in these regions invest in the world leading knowledge and innovation infrastructure.

S3 Platform Agrifood

The Smart Specialisation Strategy Platform for Agrifood (S3P Agrifood) supports multilateral relations between European regions and knowledge partners on agrifood related innovations. It was initiated by the European Commission. Regio Foodvalley is an active member of the platform and participates in several programs that were initiated by partners of the S3P Agrifood. Together with our European Partners Region Östergötland (SE), Business region Aarhus (DK) and South Ostrobotnia (FI) Regio Foodvalley initiated the European project Consumer Involvement in Agrifood Innovation.

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Consumer Involvement In Agrifood Innovation (CIAI)

The overarching vision of this partnership is to involve consumers in quadruple helix innovation activities along the food value-chain. Thereby helping to create Regional Growth and contributing to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals. This program was founded by Regio Foodvalley together with several leading European Food regions. We will set up joint projects together with the support of the European Commission, as it is tightly linked to the Food 2030 vision of the EU. The Green Deal and the Farm to Fork strategy of the EU will help accelerate the Consumer Involvement in Agrifood Innovation initiative.

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Download the CIAI presentation (pdf, 506 KB)


ERIAFF is an informal network of European Regions that have a specialization in Food and Forestry. We use ERIAFF network to find partners for European projects and to exchange expertise with other European regions.

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RIS3 & Think East

Regio Foodvalley is part of East Netherlands and the Smart Specialization Strategy of East Netherlands. The regional parties in East Netherlands are working together on a strong, smart, sustainable and inclusive regional economy in a triple helix collaboration. As a result, the competitiveness in the international economy will be strengthened. We will ensure to retain existing jobs and create new jobs for all citizens and to increase regional income.

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