Regio Foodvalley gezond eten

Regional Deal Foodvalley

Fast track to sustainable and healthy food

Healthy and sustainable food for everyone. A simple sentence, but with an enormous urgency that requires knowledge, innovation, cooperation and action in various projects in the field of agriculture, food and knowledge. From a joint challenge to making a real impact on the future of food! That is the ambition of the nine partners of the Regional Deal Foodvalley.

The Foodvalley region has the knowledge to achieve groundbreaking innovations in the field of circular agriculture, food and health. We aim to use this knowledge to make an important contribution to healthy food for the future.

What is the Regional Deal Foodvalley?

The Regional Deal Foodvalley is a long-term collaboration between the Dutch central government and eight parties from the region: Regio Foodvalley, Wageningen University & Research, Utrecht University, the province of Gelderland, the province of Utrecht, LTO Noord, VNO-NCW middle and Waterschap Vallei en Veluwe.